• How Network Marketing Has Changed My Life


    Angela Lucente is the middle child of 5 siblings and got her biggest life lesson when she was only 2 years old when her mother suddenly passed away. Through this tragic loss, she learned 5 valuable lessons that has helped her in all areas of life.

    Lesson 1: Adopting an abundance mindset
    Lesson 2: Adapt to Change
    Lesson 3: Be rich in mind and spirit
    Lesson 4: Relationships are to be based on values of honesty, integrity and respect
    Lesson 5: Life is to be lived, family is to be loved and days are to be filled with laughter as often as possible


    Angela has been successful in the corporate world… and then transitioned that success to a traditional retail business… and then to direct selling… and now to network marketing.

    Today, she is a 6 figure earner and living in her dream home in Melbourne, Australia.


    Angela’s motto is to laugh more, live more and be more. Spend more time building the life you dream of, the life you deserve and eventually you’ll impact others around you in a positive and abundant way.