• Success With Our Team

    Working with a simple success system and Top Industry Leaders we are dedicated to helping our team create the Lifestyle and Income that they desire. Whether that is enough for a family holiday, a new car or even life changing income the success system has a plan for everybody. The incredible growth of our team is credited to the power of the business model we work with and the culture we have nurtured within our members.


    It is a place where you can work independently but still feel supported by your peers and recognised for your work and achievements. Here we have a pathway that allows freedom of time, flexibility of mind and rewards that are within reach. Working alongside our mentors and with our proven success system our members are achieving unprecedented success and on their way to reaching their personal goals. Our Team systems are portable and flexible enough to bring product to market in more than 120 different countries without the entire financial burden that comes with most traditional businesses.


    Working with people from all over the world we are helping create history in this New Age of Network Marketing and as such helping our Team vision for wealth and abundance for all become a reality.


    James & Chantel are leading entrepreneurs in the home based business and network marketing profession, as distributors, speakers, coaches and trainers.


    Angela Lucente is a true Network Marketing professional. In all our time within the Network Marketing profession, we have not met a person with such a diverse range of skills and qualities which when combined do really make her an unstoppable force in our industry. A woman with a tenacious attitude towards helping others, Angela goes out of her way to make everyone in her organisation feel at home and she provides her team with powerful tools that allow them to gain the most out of their time invested in their business.


    Up holding the class of a true professional, Angela inspires people to live their passions, and coaches them all the way to, and far beyond the finishing line. On stage, Angela presents with a relatable, yet inspiring approach that leaves her audience ready to act. If you want to get the best out of your business and your team, we would highly recommend you tap into the expertise of Angela Lucente.



    Amanda Gore is a leading author, international award winning speaker and joy facilitator.


    Angela Lucente has been a fantastic mentor and coach in my new business venture. She has given me so much time, guidance and advice that has helped me to transition into this new role within the network marketing profession. Her business training and mentoring are two of the key reasons I have achieved fast success.


    Her capacity for empathy and ability to build rapport with people is exceptional. I am so grateful for her help and support and highly recommend that anybody looking for a leader within the network marketing industry get in touch with Angela.



    Darren and Kate Adams are Entrepreneurs and Home Business Specalists.


    Over 20 years ago we first came across network marketing, it has from that moment been a dream for us to create a full time income in the profession. The struggles we've had along the way have really been about personal belief, sure we've been part of good companies and had successful mentors but we hadn't really created a great deal of success, something was clearly missing.


    Angela had a way about her that was unique and straight away she had our attention. Intrigued, we decided to dig a little deeper and after a number of conversations we quickly made the decision to join. Being enrolled in Angela's organisation has been an overwhelming positive decision. Angela has travelled interstate many times assisting us and is in constant connection with people in our team all over the country. What we really love is not only is she an intelligent, hard working person but that she really knows how to bring the best out in people, us included. In May 2015 we reached Ruby Director level in the company we are partnered with and are now blessed with a much greater than average full time income. Angela has been instrumental in supporting us to achieve this level of success.


    We are so grateful that we crossed paths with Angela and our lives have been forever changed for the better, we owe so much of our success to her. Angela is achieving so much success and while she is near the top of the Network Marketing mountain, it is purely because she helping others succeed along the way.